Advanced Service Management

You are Not My Customer!

7:30 AM–8:15 AM Oct 1, 2018 (US - Central)

Grand F

Who is the “customer” anyway? As service providers, our focus is on the relationship with our customers and delivering value to them in the form of services. We’ve been pushing this mindset in ITSM for years to drive excellence and professionalism into how we do what we do. Often, however, in the zeal to adopt professional, customer-oriented ways of working, IT has extended the Customer – Service Provider relationship principle to other relationships, including relationships inside IT. The server team treats the application team as a customer. The network team becomes a customer of the infrastructure group. When IT delivers a service instead of a collection of bits and pieces, they are focused on bringing their expertise in technology to solving a business problem, not an IT problem. Can extending the customer-service provider relationship to other kinds of relationships muddy these waters? In this session, we will discuss the pros and cons of this expanded approach to defining the customer. We’ll talk about potential rewards, risks and mitigation strategies and highlight keys to making the decision on how to proceed in your own organization.