This presentation rejects the academic and theoretical approaches often associated with OCM to focus on the business benefits and risk mitigation that proper OCM guidance provides to ITSM projects presented by seasoned ITSM/OCM professionals. Today, we streamline the OCM conversation to focus on your overall goals and objectives: No Death by PowerPoint, No Buzzword Bingo and No Theoretical Application; just the key OCM elements that you are going to need in your ITSM toolbox. We will cover the topics in ways to appeal specifically to ITSM practitioners; OCM Essentials and Proof Points. 3 Levels of OCM, CMMI type OCM Maturity, Critical Success Factors, Impacts of Sponsors, Proof Points, Basics of OCM, Our Five Pillars of OCM, Sponsor Management, Stakeholder Management. Resistance Management, Learning Management, Reinforcement and Sustainment, Focus Areas of OCM Execution. Change Delivery Lifecycle, The Benefits and Value of OCM, Benefit Drivers, Human Factors of Change Adoption, ROI, Resistance to Change (R2C), What is Resistance, Proactive R2C Management. Please join us as we help you bridge the dangerous OCM gap that has stymied too many otherwise successful ITSM programs.