Is your organization's SecOps practice tightly integrated with your ITSM teams or do they operate in silos? Or are they a red headed step-child? The success of each depends on one another, but how do you integrate SecOps, with its need for some confidentiality and ITSM with its love of sharing? How does vulnerability management and security incident management, problem management play in the ITSM world? How critical is the CMS to SecOps' success? Offered by two experts in the field, taking both the ITSM view and the SecOps view, this session addresses the topic starting with the importance of a governance structure that enables the two organizations to begin to merge SecOps needs into the ITSM practice. This is needed now more than ever as the number of breaches and vulnerabilities grow, while organizations are still struggling to understand and document their infrastructure and CMS, leading to difficulty understanding where they are at risk. This session will provide a deep dive into the capabilities of both areas that overlap and support one another and how to bring alignment to their efforts as well as identifying key elements of ITSM critical to success with SecOps.