The Lean principle of Jidoka teaches us that we cannot govern or improve what we do not see or understand. If you are a Project Manager or a Scrum Master, you know very well that your project teams constantly seem to be pulled away from high-value work based on unplanned demand or production issues. Undoubtedly, you will certainly be able to relate to the quote, “The tyranny of the urgent always takes precedence over the good and the necessary.” Most organizations simply don't realize just how much “unplanned work” is negatively impacting their ability to deliver business objectives on time and on budget. Join Troy DuMoulin, VP of R&D at Pink Elephant, as he presents his thoughts on effective Service Portfolio and Project Management (PPM) practices. Troy will explain why it’s critical to integrate PPM with other Service Management and Lean Visual Management practices in order to build transparency into the amount of unplanned work your project teams are facing in order to gain the critical knowledge needed to minimize the disruptions of un-planned work on customer value delivery.