Cyber Security and Risk

Ignorance is Bliss

10:15 AM–11:15 AM Oct 1, 2018 (US - Central)

Mills 1

The penny is the smallest unit of American currency. But the cost to manufacture a penny is more than it’s worth. The simple cost-saving solution would be to eliminate the penny from American currency. But that solution, while naively simplistic, can become very complicated. I think that same issue occurs in organizations trying to implement large scale changes. There is a myth that organizations don’t like to change and evolve. And that is just not true. I have never been in an organization that was not excited about rolling out ITIL and experiencing all the benefits that come along with it. No one wants to get left behind and become obsolete, so change has started becoming second nature. The problem is how we change. Through my experience, I have seen time and time again three key factors that are ignored when introducing ITIL to an organization. They are: The message gets lost in translation Avoiding ownership of the change for fear of labeling and decisions Enthusiasm to solve non-problems My presentation examines these three phenomena and how they are embedded in organizational change, and how practitioners can navigate around them in order to be successful.