In this digital era where new, niche players appear on the market alongside with well-established long running providers, the role of technology vendor management needs to be shaken up not just stirred. It needs innovation, new tools and a refreshed identity to be able to stand up to the requirements of organizations who have evolved and stepped into the digital era. The way business operate, their ever expanding and changing eco systems, the existing SIAM models consisting of multiple vendors need a Vendor Management function which is fit for their digital strategies and able to handle the disruption and their ever expanding ecosystems. In this presentation, Andrea is going to introduce a perfectly shaken cocktail of challenges faced by Vendor Management and the solutions offered; ideas and examples for Digital Vendor Management, including the improved role of Vendor Managers. She will share some examples of exciting tools available on the market, which should be in the toolkit of any Vendor Manager, Contract Manager and Service Manager who has a strong involvement in working with multiple vendors.